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Engineering Blog

  • To Infinity Annie Beyond!

    Starting at RelateIQ was such an exciting experience- there were forms to fill out, a brand new computer to customize, and a suite of tools to get acquainted with.

  • Clojure at RelateIQ (Be Great!)

    Hack days are unequivocally my favorite days of my time at RelateIQ. The innovation, experimentation, and camraderie that define our culture boil up into 24 hours of awesome. The theory (and the practice) behind our hack days is that we hire teammates (its not just engineers who kick ass at hack days here) who want to solve problems. When merely given the prompt, “Build whatever you want,” great things should (and do) result. Here’s an example of the type of innovation that comes from our hack days.

  • A Summer of Scaling

    As a software engineering intern on the systems team this summer, I had first hand experience helping design and implement various systems to deal with the growth and scale of RelateIQ. Throughout my internship, I aided in thinking through and iterating on many complex scaling problems to help drive results for the engineering team. Here are some things I learned to keep in mind when interning with a fast-paced company.

  • Mesos, Docker, and Chef

    At RelateIQ, we provide a well-documented API to our customers. This API allows our customers to integrate different products into RelateIQ to help them manage their professional relationships in an intelligent way. However, not every customer knows how to access the API in a way that will solve their needs. We believe in making products people love, which includes giving our customers the tools they need to succeed. In this case, that means building custom integrations for our users. The challenge, at least for us here in the infrastructure team, is this: How do we efficiently run a large number of short-lived processes at some regular interval, at scale? We consider it bonus points if continuous integration, isolation, and deployment are easy, too.

  • Stream Filtering: System Architecture

    At RelateIQ, we combine automatic data capture and data science to create a timeline of interactions between customers and their professional relationships. We call it the Stream. This view allows our users to get up to speed on any recent communication with a potential customer so that their team is always on the same page.

  • We Are All Builders